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It’s not so bad being such a failure when I know that Kanaya Maryam isn’t good with computers either…

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I know there have been multiple Rosemary parodies of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” but has anyone ever done a “Kanaya West” version?

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If Kanaya Maryam were a Transformer this would be her vehicle mode.

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sunday morning gardening Rosemary for 4/13

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my favorite gal bein impaled through the middle, comin back from the dead and wearing a sash around her waist HMMMM……………..


I don’t see it

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You are a disgrace to this fandom <3


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I’ve been laboring over what to do with this old sketch I drew, but it’s been eons since I actually finished a picture of my OTP… I mean heck, they became canon and kissed and everything since then and where was I? What have I been doing all this time? 

I have no excuse.

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*Begins elaborate weekly summoning ritual to locate and reawaken my motivation to make art*

Let’s hope this works…

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(by GrizzlysGhost)

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