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sunday morning gardening Rosemary for 4/13

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my favorite gal bein impaled through the middle, comin back from the dead and wearing a sash around her waist HMMMM……………..


I don’t see it

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You are a disgrace to this fandom <3


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I’ve been laboring over what to do with this old sketch I drew, but it’s been eons since I actually finished a picture of my OTP… I mean heck, they became canon and kissed and everything since then and where was I? What have I been doing all this time? 

I have no excuse.

1 week ago on April 5th | J | 399 notes

*Begins elaborate weekly summoning ritual to locate and reawaken my motivation to make art*

Let’s hope this works…

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(by GrizzlysGhost)

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I was hoping, what with all the posts about the Do’s and Don’t’s of April Fools going around, that we would get more Rick Astley mash-ups and remixes today…

Maybe next year.

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Why have I been so motivated to hunt down new Rosemary fanart lately when I’m just so unmotivated to draw it myself?

2 weeks ago on March 31st | J | 2 notes

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to catch up on the shows I want to watch when I have so much free time, but then I remember it’s because the shows I want to watch are fucking weird.

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actually i find dirkjane a really cute ship and if people are allowed to ship coolscar/bro yeah then people are allowed to ship dirkjane, two people who actually talked to eachother in canon

I don’t see why two people “interacting” is such a huge qualifier for people… I mean when two characters have never met in canon it can definitely make a gross ship look even worse, but why does it go both ways? How many people are truly attracted to every person they’ve ever met? How many people are willing to hook up with every last one of their acquaintances?

That goes beyond bisexuality or even pansexuality, that kind of global attraction just doesn’t happen… And if it does, probably not in enough of a significant quantity to hold all fictional characters to that standard.

Frankly, you’re never going to find a scenario where I’ll say, “Go ahead and ship that gay character with someone they aren’t attracted to, It’s okay because they know each other.” Ship Dirk with someone he’s never met, I don’t care. Just as long as you respect a queer character’s sexual orientation, I don’t care what you ship.

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